Six ideas for kitchen splashbacks

August 24, 2016

Six ideas for kitchen splashbacks | These Four Walls blog

When we decorated our kitchen we decided against installing splashbacks – we wanted a minimalist look, and we’d seen plenty of beautiful examples of splashback-less schemes on Pinterest. A few months down the line, we’re beginning to regret our choice: the walls are already covered in marks from cooking and washing up, and steam from the kettle has left streaks across the paint.

So, the hunt is now on for a solution to retrofit above our existing units. Luckily, there are all sorts of options which are both functional and stylish – here are a few ideas that I’ve picked up during my search…

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Autumn-winter 2016 collection from Ferm Living

August 22, 2016

Autumn-winter 2016 collection from Ferm Living | These Four Walls blog

Following on from Friday’s round-up of the latest product launches, I have another new-season collection to share with you today. This one is from Danish brand Ferm Living, and it encompasses so many gorgeous designs that I couldn’t resist giving it a full post of its own.

Ferm Living was founded by Trine Andersen in 2005 and combines minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics with graphic elements. Named ‘Subtle Dwelling’, its latest range incorporates the strong lines and bold geometric shapes of previous collections but pairs them with a muted palette of dusky pinks, dark petrol blues and moody greys. Stand-out pieces for me include the strikingly simple cast-iron candleholders and ceramic vases, the ‘Herman’ lounge chair (whose back rest has been designed to wrap around the body for comfort and support), and the block-print cushions and rugs. There’s also an innovative new lighting series called ‘Collect’, with mix-and-match pendants, shades and rings that allow for all sorts of different combinations, plus a table range dubbed ‘Mingle’, which has various options for legs and tops.

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A small favour…

August 20, 2016

Vote for These Four Walls in the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2016

The briefest of posts today, as I’d like to ask a little favour. The nominations for the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2016 have just been announced, and I’m over the moon to have been put forward in the ‘Best Design Inspiration’ category. The voting stage is now open and only the five blogs with the most votes will make it onto the final shortlist, so if you like These Four Walls and feel it’s worthy, I’d be enormously grateful if you could spare a moment to vote for me. It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a £500 voucher from LSA International.

Whether I reach the shortlist or not, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who reads These Four Walls, and everyone who nominated me. There are so many talented and very deserving bloggers up for awards this year, and I’m honoured to feature alongside them.

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

A summer evening by the sea

August 17, 2016

A summer evening by the sea | These Four Walls blog

I blogged last week about my determination to savour the last few weeks of summer, and it’s something I’ve been putting into action this week. On Monday Chris and I left the office on the dot of six (a rarity for both of us) and headed straight to Clevedon, a pretty little town on the North Somerset coast, half an hour’s drive from Bristol.

Clevedon is famous for its Victorian pier, whose graceful arches and spindly cast-iron legs soar above the sea. We arrived just in time to see MV Balmoral, a beautiful old ship which ferries day trippers around the South West, docking at its end, before strolling along the boards to watch the sun set over the Bristol Channel. It was a magical evening: the sky slowly changing from rose-pink to inky-blue, the distant mountains of Wales glowing on the horizon, the waves sploshing gently beneath our feet.

Here are a few photos that I couldn’t resist sharing…

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Simple summer pleasures

August 12, 2016

Simple summer pleasures | These Four Walls blog

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved the lazy, care-free days of late summer: the trees heavy with fruit, the fields tinged with gold, the evenings long and light. Nowadays, of course, I spend much of my time stuck in an office, but I try to recapture some of that seasonal magic during my evenings and weekends.

So, for everyone who’s struggling to make the most of summer in what little free time they have, here are my favourite ways to slow down and savour this wonderful time of year, even if only for a moment or two…

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Autumn-winter 2016 collection from Tine K Home

August 10, 2016

Autumn-winter 2016 collection from Tine K Home | These Four Walls blog

I’ve long been a fan of Danish homeware brand Tine K, which was founded in 1999 by Tine Kjeldsen and her husband Jacob Fossum, but I don’t think I’ve ever featured it in a post before. I knew that was going to change the moment I saw its latest collection, which blends Scandinavian simplicity with traditional crafts and a dash of bohemian flair.

Like Tine K’s previous ranges, the autumn-winter 2016 collection encompasses original designs and one-off pieces picked up on travels to places such as Vietnam, Morocco and India. It’s perfect for the transition between seasons, with soft shades of mint green, moss and plum that were inspired by flowers and foliage, plus a mix of textures that range from the light and breezy (crumpled linen, rattan) to the cosy and sumptuous (velvet, sparkling brass).

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Home tour | A Swedish apartment in white, grey & pink

August 8, 2016

Home tour | A Swedish apartment in white, grey & pink | These Four Walls blog

It’s back to Scandinavia for my latest home tour: a beautiful apartment in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

This bright, airy abode instantly caught my eye because of its fresh colour scheme, which pairs crisp white walls and floorboards with soft greys and subtle dashes of pink. But the space still feels cosy and warm thanks to lots of lovely textures and patterns, including chunky woollen rugs, striped cushions, relaxed linen tablecloths and knitted throws.

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Easy ways to add marble to your home

August 5, 2016

Easy ways to add marble to your home | These Four Walls blog

Sleek white marble is one of those timeless, elegant materials that looks beautiful on everything from kitchen worktops to bathroom floors, but few people have the budget to buy big swathes of it for their home.

Luckily, it’s easy to introduce elements of marble through accessories, and there are lots of affordable products on the market at the moment. Some of my favourites come from Rose & Grey, who kindly sent me a chopping board to demonstrate how one or two small items can instantly add a touch of luxury to any scheme.

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A helping hand for bees

August 3, 2016

A helping hand for bees | These Four Walls blog

I have to confess that I’ve always been a little bit scared of bees and other buzzing insects (if one flies into the house, I tend to make a sharp exit!). But, after reading about the rapid decline in the bee population over recent years, I’ve decided it’s high time I got over my fear and did something to assist these vital creatures.

I’ve been spurred on by family-run tea company Taylors of Harrogate, who are running a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of bees. They kindly sent me a pack of bee-related goodies (including a few of their delicious fruit and herb blends, which are only possible thanks to bees), along with tips for easy ways we can all give them a helping hand.

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