Recipe | Sprout, bacon & chestnut risotto

December 8, 2017

Brussels sprouts: you either love ’em or hate ’em. I normally sit on the ‘hate’ side of the fence, but I still find myself forcing a few down every Christmas just because it’s tradition (well, in the UK at least). I’m always looking for ways to make them more appealing, but I haven’t found any sprout recipes I […]

Recipe | Smokey bacon, carrot & lentil soup

October 30, 2017

With the clocks going back, the evenings growing darker and the weather getting chillier by the day, I’m craving comfort food at the moment – and what better than a big bowl of warming soup? The latest seasonal recipe from Kym Grimshaw of Bristol-based food blog On The Plate is just the ticket. I normally […]

Recipe | Chilli sweetcorn fritters

September 29, 2017

For me, few things say September like juicy, sun-ripened sweetcorn. When my brothers and I were children, buttered corn on the cob was one of our favourite seasonal treats – we used to love opening those foil-wrapped parcels, still hot from the oven, and munching the golden kernels inside as melting butter dripped down our chins. We […]

Recipe | Nduja, pepper and bean stew

August 25, 2017

The latest recipe from Kym Grimshaw of food blog On The Plate is classic comfort food with a spicy twist. It’s made with nduja, a fiery pork sausage from the Calabria region of Italy which has quickly become one of my favourite ingredients. I love its rich flavour, its soft crumbly texture and its versatility – […]

Recipe | Cherry Bakewell overnight oats

July 28, 2017

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m not really a breakfast person during the week. Despite the old adage that it’s the most important meal of the day, I tend to grab a smoothie and go, rather than sitting down to eat anything like I should. But this recipe for overnight oats from Kym Grimshaw of […]

Recipe | Stove-top radish and bacon toasts

June 30, 2017

Radish season is in full swing, and they’re one of my favourite summer vegetables. I use them in all sorts of ways: in salads and sandwiches, as a garnish on steaks and soups, chopped up in salsas… But I’ve never thought of actually cooking them – until now. This quick and easy brunch recipe from Kym Grimshaw […]

Recipe | Spring orzotto

May 26, 2017

When the latest recipe from Kym Grimshaw of Bristol-based food blog On The Plate popped into my inbox, I was instantly intrigued. I’d never heard of orzotto before, but I’m a big fan of both risotto and orzo pasta, so this fusion of the two is right up my street. After a little research, I […]

Recipe | Wild garlic frittata

April 28, 2017

There are swathes of wild garlic all over the place at the moment, and it’s one of my favourite seasonal ingredients. It used to line the country lanes around my parents’ house in Derbyshire, and the heady, garlicky scent always takes me straight back to childhood springs. Even though wild garlic smells incredibly pungent, it has […]

Recipe | Artichoke, garlic & cannellini bean soup

March 24, 2017

It’s a strange time of year, don’t you think? There are signs of spring everywhere, but the weather is still catching up. One minute it’s freezing cold and I find myself craving hearty winter comfort food; the next, the sun appears and I want to tuck into fresh, new-season greens. Luckily, the latest recipe from Kym […]

Recipe | Rhubarb & honeycomb porridge

February 17, 2017

During the week, I’m not really a breakfast person. I tend to wake up early, do a bit of blog work, and then grab a quick coffee or a glass of orange juice before dashing out to my day job. At weekends, though, it’s a different story. For me, Saturday and Sunday mornings are precious downtime, […]