The Year in Books | March 2015

March 4, 2015

The Year in Books | March 2015 | Just A Boy From Bristol by Michael Kelly | These Four Walls blog

As expected, I whipped through my February pick for ‘The Year in Books’ – Daughter by Jane Shemilt. It was a proper old-fashioned page-turner, packed full of suspense and emotional intrigue; the kind of book that makes you battle droopy eyelids to read just one more chapter before falling asleep.

Like my other choices for ‘The Year in Books’ (run by the lovely Laura of Circle of Pine Trees), Daughter takes place in and around Bristol. It covers the sudden disappearance of a teenage girl, but I won’t go into the plot or setting any further due to parallels with very tragic real-life events in the city this week. Suffice to say it’s gripping stuff, with a major twist at the end (I thought I’d guessed who dunnit fairly early on, but I was way off the mark).

My March read is Just A Boy From Bristol – a memoir of the Bristol Blitz by Michael Kelly. I’m fascinated by local history, and I’ve always known that Bristol suffered heavy damage during the Second World War; as a student I lived next to an overgrown, empty plot on an otherwise built-up street, and I always wondered if it belonged to one of the many buildings destroyed. But I know little about the impact of the air raids on daily life, so I’m looking forward to soaking up a first-hand account of the bombing – something which happened so long ago, but which left a still-visible scar on the city.

If you’d like to take part in ‘The Year in Books’, just head over to Circle of Pine Trees to find out more – and don’t worry if you don’t have blog of your own, as you can join in via Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram too.

Happy reading!

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