Hanging planters

February 2, 2015

Hanging planters by Light + Ladder | These Four Walls blog

There’s a pesky little corner of my kitchen that’s very hard to dress – it’s too small to do much with, but it looks very stark without any decoration. I’ve decided to liven it up by adding a bit of greenery, and I’m keen to use some of the funky hanging planters which seem to be everywhere at the moment.

There are some fantastic examples to choose from. The ceramic versions shown above and below are all by Light + Ladder; I love the idea of filling them with herbs ready to be plucked for cooking, or with succulents or orchids, both of which tend to do very well in a steamy kitchen environment.

Hanging planers from Light + Ladder | These Four Walls blog

Hanging planers from Light + Ladder | These Four Walls blog

I’m also taken with these tiny hanging vases from Rowen & Wren, which would look amazing cascading down the wall with a variety of seasonal blooms:

Hanging vases from Rowen & Wren| These Four Walls blog

The other alternative is to use air plants – delicate little specimens which take their nutrients from the air around them. They don’t need any soil, so they can be displayed in all sorts of quirky ways – even upside down. I particularly love the air-plant holders below, by Ohalbatross, Hruskaa and Light + Ladder:

Hanging planter by Ohalbatross | These Four Walls blog

Hanging planters | These Four Walls

Hanging planter by Light + Ladder | These Four Walls blog

Which option do you prefer? Have you tried using hanging planters at all?

Photography by Light + Ladder, Rowen & Wren, Hruskaa and Ohalbatross

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  1. happyinteriorblog

    This is such a fab post, Abi! I don’t know if you heard of our monthly blog series called ‘Urban Jungle Bloggers’ but February will be dedicated to hanging planters!!

    1. Abi

      Thanks Igor! I’ve been following Urban Jungle Bloggers for a while now and have just signed up for your newsletter, so that’s just the spur I need to get involved!

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