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March 16, 2015

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

You might have spotted a few references to brilliant UK-based website Att Pynta in my recent posts. That’s because I adore its range of affordable Scandinavian homeware and its inspiring house tours (including this stunning London abode). I chatted to co-founders Kai Price and Amanda Nelson about their love for Nordic design and their predictions for key trends over the coming months. 

Please can you tell us a bit about Att Pynta?

“The idea behind Att Pynta is to help people create beautiful Scandinavian-style spaces without breaking the bank, and we wanted to produce a website that’s as much a source of inspiration as it is a great shopping destination. ‘Att Pynta’ is a Swedish phrase that means ‘to decorate with accessories’ – there isn’t really a direct English translation.”

How did it all start?

“We met while working for fashion brand AllSaints. We both started on the shop floor and worked our way up to the press and marketing department. Amanda is Swedish and I (Kai) am half Swedish, so we clicked instantly. In fact, we both grew up in Gothenburg but we didn’t know each other as kids – I moved to the UK at the age of 8, and Amanda came to London when she was 18.

“We both had a keen interest in interior design, which grew from moving around a lot – we’ve always loved upcycling furniture and buying smaller accessories to update our homes. We found ourselves reading interior blogs and magazines more than the fashion media, so moving in that direction felt like a natural step. We both always loved the idea of running our own business, too, and after talking about it for years we finally decided to just go for it.”

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

What attracts you to Scandinavian design?

“We love its clean lines and timeless quality – the aesthetic is never fussy, and it’s easy to update by adding or removing pieces every now and then. And it’s often focused on functionality rather than looks alone, which we think resonates with a lot of people. But we like to mix in elements of the more eccentric British approach, too – UK homes don’t look staged, and muted Scandinavian tones work brilliantly with bright pops of colour.”

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

Where do you source your products? 

“We’ve curated a range that fits our aesthetic by hand-picking products from various designers and homeware suppliers. We’re also in the process of designing a line ourselves, and we’re really excited about sharing it with our customers.” 

What inspires you? 

“We’re influenced by the latest Scandi trends, and we both keep our ear to the ground. We follow a lot of bloggers in Scandinavia, and frequently pop over there to visit trade shows and designers. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration from all over the world, too.

“We’re also influenced by nature, and we wanted to create a collection that’s primarily made from natural materials such as copper, marble, wood, glass, brass and clay. They often work well together and they give any space a sense of beauty and quality.”

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

What’s your favourite product from the range?

“We love the vases. Their use of colour and their geometric shapes instantly give homes a fresh update. We’re also a bit obsessed with the combination of copper and marble, as they look beautiful paired together. And we adore our new emerald-green marble tray, which works really well with brass tones. Our throws are very popular, too – they’re made in the UK using the softest lambswool and they feel lovely.”

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

What are your predictions for interiors trends this year?

“Copper, brass and marble are trends that are set to continue, and for spring we’re seeing a lot of marble in unusual colours such as green and pink. Bringing nature inside with plants like ivy and succulents is also becoming extremely popular – greenery breathes life into a room, and we’ve seen this translated into textiles in the form of botanical prints on cushions and tablecloths. Finally, navy, aquamarine and all kinds of other blue shades are coming through strongly this year.”

Profile | Att Pynta | These Four Walls blog

And finally, what are your future plans for Att Pynta?

“We want to expand the range and offer cookware, bedding and bathroom accessories. We’re really keen to champion more independent designers and work with them to offer exclusive styles to our customers. And as our series of ‘ATT HOME WITH…’ features grows, we’d love to gather them together into an interiors book along with useful advice and style tips.”

Thanks Kai and Amanda!

Browse Kai and Amanda’s beautiful collection and be inspired by their house tours at

Photography by Att Pynta

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