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September 15, 2017

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

I always love finding new places where I can indulge in my addiction to Scandinavian design, and my latest discovery is Nordic Kind.

Based in the Swedish city of Malmö, Nordic Kind started life as the Nordic Design Collective, an online marketplace for emerging Scandinavian creatives. It now has a new name and a new website, but the focus remains squarely on showcasing the best of Nordic design to an international audience.

The site is beautifully designed and easy to use, with a carefully selected range that covers everything from photography prints to lighting, tableware to jewellery – all created by small enterprises and chosen because they reflect the Scandinavian ethos of finding beauty in simplicity. But what I like most about Nordic Kind is the way it shares the story behind each piece, with a note about the designer and the techniques they use. There’s something special about knowing the inspiration and background to the things we bring into our homes, and it’s great to be able to appreciate the care and craftsmanship that goes into every item.

Here’s a look at some of the designs which caught my eye…

‘A Nordic Kind of Autumn’ by Anette Carlsson Moberg and Patternplan

Created exclusively for Nordic Kind by artist Anette Carlsson Moberg and her company Patternplan, this pair of ink paintings celebrates the Scandinavian autumn – the crisp air, the muted palette, the shifting colours of the fields and trees. Like much of Anette’s work, it was inspired by the sights and scents that she encounters in her garden, where she spends time every day, and by the way the seasons change the landscape around her.

The two 50 x 70cm paintings – ‘Lunden’ (‘The Grove’) and ‘Vinterek’ (‘Winter Oak’) – are printed on high-quality paper and signed. They’re priced at €183 / £165 for the pair.

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

‘Alva’ candleholders by Saga Melina

Handmade in Sweden from brass and vegetable-tanned leather, these strikingly simple candleholders were designed by Saga Gevargez, who founded her brand Saga Melina after a 2011 car accident forced her to change career paths. Faced with memory loss, she decided to put her energy into creative endeavours and began designing beautifully minimal jewellery and accessories, all with a focus on functionality and individual style.

The candleholders are available in nude and black, and prices start at €19 / £17.

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

‘Nordic Stories’ tableware by E.Leijon

This beautiful collection of handmade tableware features Scandinavian plant motifs in delicate shades of green and blue. It’s the work of Emelie Leijon, who was a professional golf player before swapping sport for something more creative. ‘Nordic Stories’ started life as her final project during her graphic-design studies and was born from a desire to do something three-dimensional, with an eye on detail and craftsmanship

The collection includes cups, bowls and plates, and prices start at €24 / £21.

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

Herb pots by Camilla Engdahl

These beautifully textured pots have wide and high sections, making them perfect for plants which need varying amounts of water. They’re designed to fit small herb plants, but they also look wonderful with succulents and other greenery. They’re hand-thrown by Swedish potter Camilla Engdahl, who uses her training in ceramics and interior design to produce simple yet smart pieces for the home.

The pots are available in black and white, and prices start at €41 / £37.

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

‘Glasilium’ vases by Scandinaviaform

Designed to show off individual flower stems, the ‘Glasilium’ glass and copper vases are the work of Eva Levin of Malmö-based brand Scandinaviaform. She focuses on creating products which provoke inspiration, interaction, conversation and laughter, and this is reflected in the vases’ playful cork, which can be removed when you need to top up the water.

The vases come in several different sizes, with prices ranging from €57 / £51 for a set of three small ones to €314 / £283 for a floor-size version for larger stems and branches.

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

‘Lotus’ pendant lights by Yndlingsting

Inspired by the Lotus flower – a symbol of beauty and purity – these steam-bent maple and oak pendant lights were designed by Nele Sienknecht. Nele spent years working in PR and communications before quitting her job in 2013 to found her brand Yndlingsting, which aims to counter mass production by focusing on slow living and sustainability. All her products are eco-friendly and elegant, and use responsibly sourced or recycled materials.

The lights come in various sizes, with a white cord. Prices range from €251 / £226 to €461 / £415.

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

Plant pedestals by Wis Collection

These ingenious plant-pot holders are designed to be used either way up, meaning you can vary the look and the height at which you place the pot. They were created by Lisa Widén and Anna Wallin, who recently formed their own studio, Wis Collection, after more than a decade of working together for other brands.

The pedestals come in black, white and petrol green. They’re priced at €39 / £35 for the low pedestal, and €42 / £38 for the taller one.

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

‘Street S’ pendant lights by Calabaz

Made from metal and wood, with a textile cord and a diffuser to reduce glare, the ‘Street S’ pendants are a sleek and contemporary twist on classic industrial lamps. They were created by Calabaz, a sustainable Swedish lighting manufacturer founded by Mikael Berlin. The company works with local suppliers only and uses a cradle-to-cradle approach, meaning that all products can be separated into their component parts and recycled at the end of their lifespan.

The ‘Street S’ pendants are available in black and white, with prices ranging from €262 / £236 for a small light to €471 / £424 for the largest version.

Nordic Kind | These Four Walls blog

Visit Nordic Kind’s website to see the full range. You can also find Nordic Kind on Instagram at @nordickind.

Images via Nordic Kind

This is a collaborative post with Nordic Kind, but as always all words and opinions are my own.

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