Room Envy | A smart monochrome bathroom

October 30, 2015

Room Envy | A smart monochrome bathroom | These Four Walls blog

Dark autumn evenings are the perfect excuse for long, indulgent soaks in the tub, so it seemed appropriate to pick a bathroom for this month’s ‘Room Envy’ post.

This beautiful black and white example sits in a restored Dutch farmhouse, and it instantly caught my eye because of its sophisticated, minimalist design. It’s a large room, but there are plenty of ideas that could be applied in a space of any size. Firstly, the clever use of matching surfaces on the wall, bath panel and floor creates a contemporary, seamless look, and would make a compact bathroom appear much bigger than it is; there’s also a wonderful contrast between the sleek slate tiles and the gnarled wooden stool (which, incidentally, would make a great spot to place a bathtime glass of wine!). The tub has straight rather than curved inner sides, which gives a modern edge while maximising water capacity, and the snazzy built-in shelf above it means you can keep lotions and potions to hand without having to resort to ugly bath caddies or hangers. Finally, the window has shutters rather than blinds – less likely to go mouldy in a damp environment, and with slats that you can adjust to let in natural light while preserving privacy.

Overall, it’s a calming, practical and stylish space. I reckon a bit of pampering here would quickly soothe mind and body after a busy day…

Image by Pernille Kaalund, via Nordic Design

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    1. Abi Post author

      Thanks for your comment Rachel. It’s lovely, isn’t – and it would fit into so many schemes. Wish I had a bathroom like it!

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