Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Planters

February 26, 2015

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Planters | These Four Walls

I’m very excited to share my first post in the monthly Urban Jungle Bloggers series, which is hosted by Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of JOLIEX.com. Together they’ve built up an international community of people who are passionate about bringing greenery into their homes and sharing ideas with others, and it always gives me plenty of inspiration.

Even more excitingly, the theme this month is hanging planters. If you’ve been following my recent posts, you’ll know that I’ve been thinking about adding some hanging planters to a dull corner of my kitchen for a while now, so this was just the spur I needed to actually get on and do it.  

There are masses of super-stylish hanging planters available at the moment, and I’d been considering some funky brass, concrete and porcelain versions, but I ended up opting for wicker after placing a basket down on the worktop and noticing the lovely contrast between the rustic texture and the kitchen’s soft grey walls.  

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Planters | These Four Walls

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Planters | These Four Walls

I haven’t seen many contemporary wicker planters for sale, so I decided to make my own from a pair of small storage baskets from IKEA, plus some chains and hooks from my local hardware store. They were incredibly easy to do: the baskets’ open weave meant the hooks latched on without any need for cutting or drilling, so it was just a case of shortening the chains to the right length with a pair of pliers and attaching a central hook to gather them together at the top. I chose to keep my baskets simple, but you could easily paint a band of colour around the bottom if you wanted to jazz them up a bit.

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Planters | These Four Walls

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Planters | These Four Walls

As these planters are displayed in the kitchen, I’ve filled them with herbs ready for cooking (placed in hole-less plastic pots within the baskets to prevent water dribbling down the walls). One has rosemary, the other thyme, so the once-boring corner now looks a lot more interesting and smells wonderfully aromatic!

For more fantastic hanging-planter ideas, search #urbanjunglebloggers or check out the Facebook gallery.

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  1. Igor

    I love the rustic and natural look of the hanging baskets, Abi! Great contribution and thank you for joining our green Urban Jungle Bloggers family!

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