A week on my feet

July 22, 2016

A week on my feet | These Four Walls blog

I get quite a few emails from brands asking me to take part in various projects and I don’t say yes to very many, but every now and then something really interesting pops into my inbox. One such invitation recently arrived from Luxury Flooring, which sells a huge range of affordable floor materials. Inspired by the famous Instagram account @ihavethisthingwithfloors, which is dedicated entirely to showcasing beautiful floors around the world, they challenged me to depict a week in my life through what I see on the ground beneath my feet.

I do love a good ‘selfeet’ (selfie + feet), so I couldn’t resist having a go…

A week on my feet | These Four Walls blog

Friday: I spotted this gorgeous mosaic floor in a lobby on my way to a meeting. It reminded me of a Roman villa.

A week on my feet | These Four Walls blog

Saturday: We started the weekend with brunch at one of our favourite haunts, Boston Tea Party, just around the corner from our house in Bristol. It’s decorated with all sorts of quirky, upcycled bits and pieces (old doors lining the walls, floors made from school rulers), and I love these salvaged tiles on the terrace.

A week on my feet | These Four Walls blog

Sunday: Chris and I fancied escaping the city for a few hours, so we popped down to the Somerset Lavender Farm and spent a wonderful afternoon wandering through fragrant fields of purple.

A week on my feet | These Four Walls blog

Monday: Back to work after the weekend. I’ve always liked these stone steps leading up to my office, which sits in a grand old Georgian building. They’ve been worn away by footsteps in the middle, and I love thinking about all the people who must have walked up and down them over the centuries.

A week on my feet | These Four Walls blog

Tuesday: The hottest day of the year so far. Even the pavements on my walk to work looked pretty in the dappled sunlight.

A week on my feet | These Four Walls blog

Wednesday: I spotted this pretty floor in the doorway of a shop while nipping out to buy a sandwich on my lunch break.

A week on my feet | These Four Walls blog

Thursday: Finally, what I see at my feet every evening when I get home from work – a hungry cat meowing for his dinner!

So, there you have it: a week on my feet! I really enjoyed this challenge, as it forced me to take notice of all the lovely little details that I normally miss when rushing around; it turns out there are interesting surfaces all over the place.

If you’re obsessed with pretty floors and pavements, you’ll find more inspiration from my home city over at @bristolfloors, a new Instagram account created by Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn. I also love this ‘A week on my feet’ post from fellow Bristol blogger Being Little.

This is a collaborative post with Luxury Flooring, but all words and opinions are my own. 

Photography by Abi Dare

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  1. Ste Mac

    Hello Abi, found you from another blog you posted on. This is so cool – looking the selfeet shots… great word, ha. Keep up the great work.


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