Foraged flowers

July 25, 2014

Look closely and you’ll spot wildflowers growing everywhere in Bristol at this time of year – along paths and verges, in hedgerows and parks, even sprouting from cracks in walls and pavements.

Gathered together, they can look just as beautiful as expensive shop-bought blooms, so I’ve been experimenting with a few beauties found in and around the city:

A few tips for using foraged flowers…

  • Cut stems at an angle to encourage water uptake, and remove any brown or wilting leaves
  • To retain a natural look, avoid vases and use old bottles, jam jars and jugs – anything you can find lying around the house
  • Don’t discard broken stems – you can display them in teacups, egg cups and even candle holders
  • Add a few bits of leafy greenery for a dramatic look, or stick to one type of flower for a simple, rustic feel
  • Don’t worry about making arrangements look perfect – it’s impossible with wildflowers, which droop more rapidly than shop-bought equivalents. The idea is to keep things looking relaxed to reflect the outside world
  • And the legal bit: don’t pick flowers from private land (unless it’s your own!) or reserves, avoid protected species, and only take stems if the plant is well established to give it chance to recover

All photography by Abi Dare

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