Halloween inspiration

October 28, 2016

Halloween inspiration | These Four Walls blog

I have a confession to make: I love Halloween. I have done ever since I was a little girl, when my brothers and I would carve pumpkins, devour cookies made with their discarded innards, and scare each other silly with tales of haunted houses and ghoulish goings on. Even now at the age of 33, without children of my own as an excuse, I always decorate the house and have a bowl of chocolates waiting by the door for visiting trick-or-treaters.

But for me, Halloween is about more than ghost stories and costumes. It’s about celebrating the joys of autumn: falling leaves and harvest feasts, crackling fires and dancing candles, and that slight hint of magic in the air as evenings grow ever darker and winter draws near. I’m determined to make the most of it this weekend with an autumnal dinner party, a long woodland walk and, of course, some pumpkin preparation ahead of the big day on Monday. For all those who want to do the same, here’s some seasonal inspiration from around the blogosphere…

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have a good one!

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