Instagram Inspiration | A Quiet Style

March 20, 2015

Instagram Inspiration | A Quiet Style | These Four Walls blog

Like many, I have a bit of an addiction to Instagram (if you don’t follow me already, please do check out @thesefourwallsblog!). I always look forward to logging in and finding streams of beautiful photos; the level of creativity on show is really something, and I love seeing other people’s personal take on the world around them. With this in mind, I’ve decided to start a new series of monthly posts introducing some of my favourite Instagrammers, finding out what inspires their images and sharing a few of their tips along the way.

First up is Emma Harris, aka @aquietstyle. Emma is the talented lady behind beautiful blog A Quiet Style, and her Instagram feed is packed with deliciously moody pictures such as those shown here. She also runs the weekly #GatheredStyle project, which is well worth joining in. Over to Emma to explain more…

Hi Emma! Please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?

“I live in Brighton and I’m a stay-at-home mum to two girls. The blog is my creative outlet – it’s where all of my passions come together in one place: interiors, art, photography, flowers and fashion, with the odd personal post thrown in. I also do a bit of styling work, and I’ve just started running workshops in visual media styling.” 

Instagram Inspiration | A Quiet Style | These Four Walls blog

How long have you been using Instagram?

“I’ve been using Instagram properly for about 10 months now, and I can’t quite believe how it’s taken off in that time.”  

What do you like about Instagram?

“It has ignited something in me – a desire to take beautiful photos. After years of attending different creative courses, I’ve finally found something that I absolutely love: the process of creating a still-life image.

“Instagram also has the most amazing and supportive community. I’ve made some genuine friends online, some of whom I now know in person. It’s a great place for bringing together those with common interests.”

Instagram Inspiration | A Quiet Style | These Four Walls blog

What inspires your photos?

“I’m very much inspired by nature, particularly flowers.”

How would you describe your photography style?

“I find it really hard to describe, but others have referred to it as minimal and moody, which is probably pretty accurate. They have also said that it fits perfectly with my Instagram and blog name, in that it has a quiet calmness to it.”

Please could you tell us a bit about #GatheredStyle?

“#GatheredStyle is my weekly Instagram challenge. I started it because of my aforementioned love of creating styled shots. It runs every Tuesday and invites people to share their styled photos of gathered and found items. I then post my favourite on the blog each Wednesday. I love how everyone shows real encouragement to those who take part – another example of the supportive Instagram community.” 

Instagram Inspiration | A Quiet Style | These Four Walls blog

Finally, what’s your top Instagram tip?

“For me, it would be to keep your feed cohesive. Personally, I tend to follow people whose photos all sit well together. I always look at a person’s overall feed and not just one photo before I follow them.”

Thanks Emma! 

Do head over to Instagram and follow @aquietstyle to see more of Emma’s beautiful photography. I’ll be chatting to another inspiring Instagrammer next month.

Photography by Emma Harris

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      Thanks for your kind words Charlotte! I love how people discover new things through Instagram – as Emma said, it’s such a supportive community. I’ve just followed you and your feed is lovely x


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