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December 3, 2015

Profile (+ discount!) | House & Hamper | These Four Walls blog

Last week I received an intriguing email from a brand-new company called House & Hamper, asking if I’d like to feature its range of gift boxes on These Four Walls. I’m quite fussy about who I recommend on these pages, but it turns out House & Hamper is right up my street. It was founded by Yasmin Ward, who shares my love of Scandinavian design, and focuses on handpicked, natural products made by artisans here in the UK (including a few of my personal favourites such as Hobo Soy Candles and Ocelot chocolate). There are boxes for cooks, boxes for brides, boxes for new parents and boxes full of treats for people who just need a little bit of pampering, all beautifully curated and presented with a simple, elegant aesthetic.

I chatted to Yasmin to find out more about the lovely ethos behind the company. And just scroll down for details of a special reader discount…

What’s your background?

“I’ve always been creative, so after university I decided to take an interior design course and then worked for a high-end design company in London. This experience allowed me to fine-tune my style, and to focus in on the way we live and the small details that make a home a lovely place to be. I discovered a knack for sourcing interesting products and felt like I was bursting with ideas for things to give my loved ones, hence the concept of House & Hamper was born.”

Profile (+ discount!) | House & Hamper | These Four Walls blog

What was the inspiration behind House & Hamper? 

“As you’ve already mentioned, I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design and through this I learnt about the Danish concept of hyyge. Hygge can’t be translated directly but the closest interpretation is ‘cosiness’. It’s all about creating a warm atmosphere and taking time to enjoy the good things in life.

“Our routines can be so hectic that we often forget to take a step back and enjoy the small things. I wanted to create a shop offering products that bring these moments of happiness into everyday life and enable people to give them to their loved ones. This initial concept evolved into gift hampers that encompass these moments and celebrate special occasions.”

Profile (+ discount!) | House & Hamper | These Four Walls blog

How does House & Hamper differ from other hamper providers? 

“Finding a gift that’s thoughtful, personal and unexpected can be a challenge, especially with the busy lives that so many of us lead. House & Hamper aims to make giving fun and simple, and to make the recipients feel truly special. We source remarkable products to create something more unique than a standard gift set or production-line hamper; a gift that conveys something which perhaps we can’t find the words to say.”

Profile (+ discount!) | House & Hamper | These Four Walls blog

How do you choose the products for your hampers?

“Each hamper is designed with a particular person, interest, occasion or moment in mind, and every piece is handpicked and tested to ensure it’s something that I would love to receive myself and would be proud to give to my family and friends. All of the products are beautifully presented, and I love to select items that are handcrafted using natural materials. I find they’re always of a superior quality and often have lovely stories behind them, making them that little bit more special. As an example, all the skincare products in the hampers are natural, organic and handmade in small batches, so you know they’re nourishing and free from chemicals.

“Style-wise, I love a subtle, muted palette with accents of colour, which is reflected in the items chosen for the hampers. I want to create an aesthetic that’s understated and elegant.”

Profile (+ discount!) | House & Hamper | These Four Walls blog

You place a lot of emphasis on working with British brands. Why is this so important to you?

“We have such an inspiring range of designers, artisans and small creative businesses here in Britain, and I think it’s important to support them. It’s also good to know where the products are manufactured as it helps to ensure they’re produced ethically.”

Profile (+ discount!) | House & Hamper | These Four Walls blog

What are your future plans for House & Hamper?

“First and foremost, to grow the online presence, source new products and widen the range of hampers. I’d love to work with other businesses on the bespoke gifting service, and I also have plans to expand the shop to include homeware and accessories.”

Thanks Yasmin!

Yasmin is kindly offering 15% off House & Hamper orders placed by 10th December. Just head over to the website and enter the code FOURWALLS15 at the checkout.

Images by House & Hamper

Post in collaboration with House & Hamper; all opinions are my own.