Profile | Seven Boot Lane  

April 18, 2016

Profile | Seven Boot Lane | These Four Walls blog

It’s always refreshing to come across brands which manage to be both stylish and sustainable – particularly when they’re based in my beloved West Country! Somerset footwear label Seven Boot Lane is one such company. I hadn’t come across it until recently, but I instantly fell for its beautiful boots and shoes, which are handmade in Spain and designed to last for years and years; the antithesis of fast, throw-away fashion.

To celebrate Fashion Revolution Week, which runs until 24th April and calls for transparency and responsible supply chains in the fashion industry, I chatted to Seven Boot Lane’s digital marketeer Abby Parry about the ethos behind the company…

Please can you tell us a bit about Seven Boot Lane?

“We’re an independent women’s footwear label, founded by Sebastian and Mais Edwards in 2012. We’re based in Somerset, and we work closely with a family-run factory in Elche, Spain, to hand-craft our boots and shoes. Our aim is simple: to translate on-trend styles into timeless classics which can be worn for years.”

Profile | Seven Boot Lane | These Four Walls blog

How did the company get started?

“Mais and Sebastian wanted to create an antidote to the throw-away culture of fast fashion. Sebastian had previously worked for international footwear company Clarks, but decided that it was time to branch out and start a label of his own. He and Mais combined their knowledge of design and business to create Seven Boot Lane.”

Profile | Seven Boot Lane | These Four Walls blog

How would you describe Seven Boot Lane’s style, and the type of woman you design for?

“It’s relaxed, considered and stylish. We design for the modern woman who knows her personal style and treasures good-quality design and production. Our attention to detail transforms our footwear into wardrobe staples to be proud of.”

Profile | Seven Boot Lane | These Four Walls blog

Where do you find inspiration?

“Alongside our in-house team, we work with a freelance designer and the head craftsman at the factory in Spain. Through this collaborative design process, we gather inspiration from far and wide, combining seasonal trends with the traditional shoe-making techniques used in the factory.”

Profile | Seven Boot Lane | These Four Walls blog

Your approach to production sounds fascinating…

“All of our boots and shoes are made in Elche. The factory has a team of extremely skilled people who have been handcrafting footwear for generations. We feel this use of traditional techniques and skills gives our designs a distinctive Spanish feel. We also believe in a sustainable, responsible supply chain, and we know everyone involved.”

Profile | Seven Boot Lane | These Four Walls blog

Do you have any personal favourites from the range?

“It’s been tricky to choose a favourite this season, so I’m glad you’ve made it plural!

“I’ve loved the ‘Florence’ design in charcoal suede ever since I pulled it out of the box when it arrived at Seven Boot Lane HQ back in February. It’s the perfect ankle boot for my wardrobe, which mainly consists of black jeans and tights with skirts. I also love our ‘Flame’ trainer range, particularly the grey jaguar leather.

“The sandal dilemma is an ongoing issue for me as I love the elegance of the ‘Fiji’ straps and gorgeous Aztec-print uppers, but I also like the chunkiness and footbed of ‘Fennel’.”

Profile | Seven Boot Lane | These Four Walls blog

What’s next for Seven Boot Lane? Do you have any new collections coming up?

“We create two collections a year, so next for us is the launch of the autumn/winter range towards the end of July.”

Thanks Abby!

Head over to Seven Boot Lane’s website to see the full collection. And to read more about its involvement in Fashion Revolution Week, click here.

This is a collaborative post with Seven Boot Lane, but all opinions are my own.

Photography by Seven Boot Lane