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June 17, 2016

Some thoughts | These Four Walls blog

I don’t normally post anything about politics; despite the fact that I’m actively involved in a couple of campaigns in my spare time, it’s never felt appropriate for a blog that focuses on design, travel and lifestyle. I’m a little nervous about writing this, but after the brutal killing of British MP Jo Cox yesterday, I couldn’t face posting another house tour or collection launch today and pretending that nothing has happened.

Over recent weeks I’ve watched my country being torn apart by a vicious debate that has brought out the worst in so many. I’ve seen friends being pitted against friends, received hideous comments on social media when arguing the case for the UK to stay in the EU, and heard about loved ones being subjected to racist insults in the street for doing the same. And yesterday, when the news of Jo Cox’s murder was announced on the radio as I was driving up the motorway for a friend’s wedding weekend, it brought tears to my eyes. Although we don’t yet know the exact circumstances, it seems an innocent woman was gunned down simply for standing up for what she believed in – one of many people who have senselessly lost their lives to prejudice and hate over recent weeks.

Now, more than ever, people of every political viewpoint and every background need to come together and not let fear, hatred and division take over. The world has seen far too often what happens if we don’t, yet we still haven’t got the message. Whatever happens over the coming days, we need to start healing the horrible wounds that have opened up, and fight for a more tolerant, more positive society.

I don’t want to start a political debate here on this blog, and I fully respect the fact that some of my readers may not agree with my stance on the EU. I simply want to share my feelings, and my strong belief that the UK and the world as a whole can do better than this. Next week I’ll be back to campaigning for the causes I believe in, and back to blogging about design and travel on These Four Walls. In the meantime, I’m going to celebrate my lovely friend’s marriage, catch up with people who I haven’t seen for too long, and remind myself that there is still love and humanity in the world.

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