The best scented candles for spring

March 22, 2019

The best scented candles for spring | These Four Walls blog

As anyone who’s followed this blog for a while will know, I have a bit of an obsession with scented candles, and I love selecting fragrances that suit the season and my mood. Now spring has arrived, it’s time to swap the smoky, spicy notes of autumn and winter for lighter, more uplifting scents, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.

All the below are made from natural wax, and as with previous candle round-ups I’ve divided them into categories so you can hone straight in on the kind of fragrance you like most. There are candles evoking everything from delicate spring flowers to freshly washed sheets, so I hope you find something that appeals…

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My minimalist hallway makeover | The reveal

March 20, 2019

Advertising – this post features gifted items, but all words and opinions are my own

My minimalist hallway makeover - the reveal | These Four Walls blog

Today I want to show you the latest part of our house to receive a makeover: the hallway. It’s taken us four years to get around to doing anything with it, but it’s a tricky space and we didn’t want to rush into making any decisions that we might come to regret.

As this is the first thing people see when they enter the house, we wanted to use it to set the tone for the soft, minimalist look we’re aiming for throughout. That said, options for sprucing it up were very limited, as the ‘before’ photos in this post show. The layout of our house means the hallway is long and very narrow, with a slightly wider area at the end. We also had no way of using the staircase to create a statement feature, as it runs at a right-angle to the hallway and is boxed in by the living-room and dining-room walls.

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Home tour | A considered house by a Norwegian fjord

March 18, 2019

Home tour - a considered house by a Norwegian fjord | These Four Walls blog

Today I’m sharing a peek inside a gorgeous Norwegian house with possibly the most breathtakingly beautiful setting of any home I’ve ever featured.

Located by a majestic fjord, it belongs to Eldrid from @housebythefjord – one of my all-time favourite Instagram accounts. What first drew me to her feed was the stunning view from her window, but the more I learned about her home and the story behind it, the more I was impressed by her slow, sustainable approach to decorating. Eldrid’s ethos echoes my own attempts to create more intentional and considered interiors, and I couldn’t resist chatting to her to find out more about her house, where she sources inspiration and furniture, and her top design tips…

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Six places to buy stylish pet accessories

March 15, 2019

Six places to buy stylish pet accessories | These Four Walls blog

Sharing a home with a cat or dog is wonderful, but there’s no denying they bring with them a lot of paraphernalia – beds, bowls, scratching posts, toys, litter trays… Most of it isn’t exactly pretty, and it’s certainly not ideal if you’re a minimalist who can’t stand clutter! Luckily, there are places where you can find stylish pet accessories to suit a range of budgets, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites below. Their designs will integrate easily into your decor while also keeping your furry friends happy, and most of them are much more durable and sustainable than the flimsy plastic options available in standard pet stores.

Of course, this post is also an excuse to show some incredibly cute photos, including a couple of my own feline house mate Loki. Trust me when I say that narrowing down the selection of images to use was rather tricky!

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New finds | March 2019

March 12, 2019

New finds - additions to Stelton's 'Emma' range | These Four Walls blog

It’s time for another round-up of my latest finds for simple, relaxed living, and this month’s selection covers everything from statement chairs and affordable art prints to stylish linen loungewear. I hope you find something that appeals…

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Spring Wharf – a stylish rental development in Bath

March 9, 2019

Advertisement – this is a paid partnership with Spring Wharf, but all words and opinions are my own

Spring Wharf - a stylish rental development in Bath | These Four Walls blog

Today I have a home tour with a difference to share, as it’s a property you could actually move into yourself. Set in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, just 10 minutes by train from my own base in Bristol, it’s the show apartment for Spring Wharf – a brand-new and very stylish riverside development of one- and two-bedroom rental homes which I had a look around earlier this week.

Although Chris and I are lucky enough to own our house, we know from past experience what a hassle renting can be – the steep letting-agency fees, the fixed terms, the strict ‘no pets’ and ‘no decorating’ rules. But none of that is an issue at Spring Wharf. There are no fees, pets and personalisation are not only allowed but whole-heartedly encouraged, and the flexible contracts last anything from six months to five years. You can even choose whether to have your home furnished with bespoke, high-quality pieces or bring your own items.

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A winter road trip along West Sweden’s Bohuslän Coast

March 7, 2019

Advertisement – this post is based on a press stay with Visit Sweden and the West Sweden tourist board

A winter road trip along West Sweden’s Bohuslän Coast | These Four Walls blog

One of the joys of travelling to West Sweden is just how easy it is to combine city and countryside, so after three days in Gothenburg Chris and I decided to hire a car and embark on a 24-hour road trip along the beautiful Bohuslän Coast.

I always think there’s something magical about visiting the seaside in winter, when the water fades from deep blue to silvery grey and you have the beaches largely to yourself. And the Bohuslän Coast certainly didn’t disappoint. Stretching from Gothenburg all the way up to the Norwegian border, this string of rugged granite peninsulas, islands and skerries is backed by pine trees and dotted with pretty little fishing villages and quaint harbour towns.

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Home tour | A calm, cosy apartment in the Czech Republic

March 4, 2019

Home tour - a calm, cosy apartment in the Czech Republic | These Four Walls blog

Today I’m taking you to the Czech Republic for a look around the beautiful home of interior-design blogger and Instagrammer Lucie Vacková.

Lucie’s apartment first caught my eye because of its wonderfully calm and cosy feel. I love the way she mixes clean, minimalist lines with lots of snuggly textures and a soothing, nature-inspired colour palette of soft beiges and browns. The result is a perfect example of how neutral decor needn’t be cold or uninviting, and it’s the kind of look I’m always hoping to achieve in my own home. She also has a stunning Ragdoll cat, who’s very good at posing for photos!

Over to Lucie to tell us more…

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Top tips for a design-led city break in Gothenburg

February 28, 2019

Advertisement – this post is based on a press stay with Visit Sweden and the Gothenburg and West Sweden tourist boards

Artilleriet - top tips for a design-led city break in Gothenburg | These Four Walls blog

Both Chris and I love travelling to Sweden. We’ve enjoyed a fair bit of time in Stockholm over the years, and I was lucky enough to be invited on a press trip to the southern region of Skåne back in 2017, but there’s still so much of this vast country to see. So, before heading back to the capital for Stockholm Furniture Fair and Design Week earlier this month, we decided to spend a few days exploring Gothenburg and the west coast – an area that we’d been longing to visit for ages.

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A soft beige makeover for ‘The Home’ by Ferm Living

February 23, 2019

A soft beige makeover for 'The Home' by Ferm Living | These Four Walls blog

If you’re looking for some weekend decor inspiration, this might be just the ticket: the latest incarnation of Ferm Living‘s Copenhagen showroom, known as ‘The Home’.

Used to display the brand’s pieces in a real-life setting, the city-centre apartment gets a makeover at the start of each season and its spring-summer 2019 guise is perhaps my favourite yet.

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